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Azienda Agricola Pierluigi Rosso

Abruzzo is essentially a steep climb inland from the sunny stretches of the Adriatic right to the highest snowy peaks in Italy - taking in fresh, green pastures and picturesque hill-top villages on the way up. Its unique topography, and relatively unchanged way of life, have given it a very special vibe.
People write about 'hidden Italy', 'real Italy' and 'off the beaten track'. It has a reputation for good food, fabulous wine and and an authenticity long gone in other, perhaps better known, areas of Italy.
It is here, in a tiny corner of the province known as L’Aquila, just outside the beautiful city of Sulmona, that the Rosso family have their farm.
Organic farmers have an obvious connection with their land - the rich and fertile soil almost runs through their veins - and this family is no exception.
They take their soil very seriously indeed and work hard to ensure that it is well managed, so that it can produce the finest in fresh produce and be a strong legacy for future generations.